Union is a real special place–empowering, multicultural, spirited. We live at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality. We are a family from all walks of life: black and brown, white, Latinx, Asian, and indigenous; young and more seasoned; economically stable and struggling; transgender and cisgender; people with and without disabilities; straight, gay, lesbian, queer, allies; lifetime Christians, new beginners, skeptics and seekers. Over our 200-year history, our congregation, which is now Union United Methodist Church, has had seven different names, in five different locations, under three different denominational names. A multitude of places, but a single people–this place called Union is the intersection of Methodism and liberation.

You can learn more about our 200-year legacy by clicking on this pamphlet.

If I’m already family at Union, why would I become a member?

Whether it is your first time at Union or your first time in a long time, you are family. Membership is not a badge of honor or an elite status—it is a sign of a covenantal relationship between an individual and their faith community. We choose to become members because it is an outward commitment of the inward assurance that we are already a part of a Christian community. We make our membership vows because they help us express our commitment to live into the life of the Christian Church more fully. 

In formalizing your membership, you pledge to support the work of the Union Combined through your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

Interested in Membership?

If God is calling you to formally join this community, please fill out the form below and a Pastor will contact you to schedule a conversation. (Don’t be nervous…we’re excited to welcome you!)

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