About the Brighton Methodist House

When Community UMC merged with Union Church in 2023, it became clear that God had led us to one another. Community had its own history of housing justice in Brighton that paralleled Union Church’s in the South End.

In 1969, five Allston-Brighton congregations of different faiths came together to build an affordable housing project as a response to the “urban renewal” movement of the decade. What was built became known as the Charlesview Apartments, a 213-unit complex that was home to hundreds for over 40 years. In 2013, after a land-swap deal with Harvard University, in collaboration with the Community builders, and by the continued cooperation of the three remaining congregations (Community UMC included), a new 340-unit complex named the Charlesview Residences was built at 123 Antwerp Street on the Allston-Brighton line, providing more affordable housing and mixed-use space for the neighborhood. (Read more at https://charlesviewcommunity.org/about-us/history/)

Beginning in fall 2023, we continued this legacy by converting Community’s parsonage into an active mission site for housing justice.

Today, The Brighton Methodist House provides quality, affordable housing for seminary students at the Boston University School of Theology. This housing ministry seeks to provide for the material and spiritual needs of students seeking theological education and preparing for ministry in the church and the world.

Support this Ministry

There are many ways to support the vital ministry of the Brighton Methodist House.

Become a Brighton Methodist House Ambassador

We are forming a Brighton Methodist House Ambassador committee for people who would like to support this ministry throughout the year. If you’re interested, email office@unionboston.org to learn more!

Contribute Financially

If you would like to directly support through monetary giving, any contribution will directly ease the financial burden on our students and empower them in their studies!